Thursday 29 July 2021

The Finishing Begins

 There comes a point on every project where the number of things you finish starts to outweigh the number of things you start - I may be at that point!

Yesterday I finished the rear paneling between the cockpit & the boot, it's been a lot of work, it was riveted on around the roll bar, it was flocked, the mounting angle in the boot was just a bent up piece of sheet that wasn't well finished. It's now bolted in with titanium bolts (for no better reason than I had some the right size), it's smoothed out & the excess metal cut off, it's polished (well - brushed finish) & where the join was off-centre, it's now symmetrical, with a new, thicker piece in the centre mounting two power points, one for the radio & one for a camera. I need some more vinyl to cover the rear "shelf", but this part of the car is very nearly done. Depending on how the whole interior looks I may cover the aluminium panels as well.

So I started looking at the dash. I got a blank from CBS, which is an aluminium faced plastic panel, so I used the corrugated cardboard it arrived in to start mocking up the shape. Unfortunately a previous owner has fitted a set of expensive, but not really appropriate 100mm ETB Cobra clocks, the speedo goes anticlockwise & the tacho says "8 cylinder" on the face, but the really inappropriate thing about them is that they're 4 inch dials & don't easily fit on the dash. They were fitted in the centre - Cobra style, I wonder if said previous owner really wanted a Cobra, there's a few things, like the twin white stripes that make me think that. Pity they didn't go for Halibrand style alloys 👍. I'm still deciding whether to use these clocks or put them on ebay & buy something else in 80mm.

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