Monday, 19 July 2021

Flocking Hell

A lot of the inside of the Stylus is flocked as I've said, it probably looked great when it was new, but 20 years later - not so much. I've got rid of some of it by chiseling it, more by scraping it & some by sanding it, but guess what I discovered today? If you soak it in soapy water, the glue softens & it comes off quite easily. Not what I was expecting from a finish in an open car.

Anyway the flocking nuisance has gone from the aluminium panels that separate the cockpit from the boot. They were not particularly well made, but today the roll bar came back from the powder-coaters, so I've been carefully cutting the panels to fit each other & to fit round the legs of the roll bar. To my surprise the panels have come up OK after being flattened out & re-shaped, having the scrape marks sanded out & the burrs filed off, they look not too bad at all.

But I now have rather too many plates spinning on the Stylus:-

Drill roll bar for high level brake light.

Fit wire for above

Re-fit roll bar

Drill aluminium panels for riv-nuts

Fit riv-nuts

De-flock the rest of the inside

Fit the seats

But mostly I need to get the Quantum sorted, so when it's cool first thing tomorrow I need to swap them round & get the Q ready for the rolling road, then I can drive it.

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