Quantum 2+2

 After the crash that resulted in my beloved Fury being scrapped I was at a bit of a low point. My wife was divorcing me (still not sure why), I'd been made redundant (though had a job by the time of the crash), I was in councelling for recurrent suicidal thoughts & it was all looking a bit bleak. After almost a year, things had moved on & I had bought a house with a nice big garage (OK, I'd bought a nice big garage that conveniently had a house with it) & had a little time on my hands, though not a lot of money.

20 years before all this I had test driven the demonstrator Quantum 2+2 & was really impressed, but just couldn't bring myself to buld a car with the Devils transmission (front wheel drive), now a slightly shabby 2+2 came up not far from my Dad's house for not a huge amount of money & I bought it. To begin with it was almost undrivable, the clutch bite point was below carpet level, the gear change was so sloppy that if you did get the clutch to disengage, there was no telling what gear you would be in when the car lurched forward again & the steering was so heavy I would devellop the arms of Popeye before I solved the problem. But it had potential.

Those initial woe's were sorted pretty quickly, as were the MoT fail points, then the driving & the improvement started. It seemed to handle pretty well & while the wiring was very much "kit car" it was all fix-able at minimum or zero cost.

A road trip through a locked down Wales in the early autumn showed that in spite of it's mere 50ish bhp, given the right conditions (a very twisty road) it could hold it's own against pretty stiff competition.

And so another engineering adventure began.........

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