Thursday 9 March 2023

Waiting - Again

 There's not much happening to the Stylus just now, it's been cold & wet & yesterday there was 4 inches of snow! But there has been a little garage action, I ordered a bluetooth transmitter so I can plat the music on my phone through the radio headphones & installed that & I also bought a couple of stainless bushes to re-inforce the holes for the soft top spreader bar through the screen arch & after turning the outside diameter down a little & bonded them in this evening.

That's all for now, but the weather is getting better & I will soon be getting some miles on it.

Friday 3 March 2023


 The new radiator fitted on the mounts & was filled, joy of joys the water stayed on the inside. A quick trundle along the A30 blew the air pockets from the system, the car was topped up & the very next day I took it to Bicester Heritage for their Ford "scramble" - it was very sub-zero when I left home. As soon as I pushed the car out of the garage, the windscreen fogged up & froze!

My planning for the event wasn't up to its usual standard & when the SatNav told me I'd arrived, I was in the middle of an old village. Fortunately my phone recognised Bicester Heritage as a thing & I managed to drive one handed & watching the phone for the last mile & still contrived to drive straight past.

When I did get in through the gate one of my bestest friends inna whole world took a superb photo of my arrival - even captured me smiling & that's a very rare achievement.

I was directed to park in front of the cafe where the more interesting cars were being parked - I may have imagined that though. The first thing I did (after having a hot drink) was check the water level. Not a drop had been lost, so I was able to empty the 10 litre tankful I'd taken with me into a drain to lighten the car.

There weren't a huge number of cars there, but there were some interesting ones, a hot rod Pop with some subtle but astonishing body mods, a '36 cabrio still used for historic rallying, a rally MkII Escort, a few Capris & Escorts & a modified 100e with a Pinto & a webasto roof.

By lunch time when I left, the temperature had climbed as far as "damned chilly" on the Blatter temperature scale, but on my uneventful return home I was pleased to see there was still no water loss at all. Job done.