Friday 21 August 2020

More Wiring

 Yes I'm still cutting wiring out of the car. In the last couple of days I've added a "normally closed" relay for the Daytime Running Lights so they all work nicely. The power comes on with ignition & flows through the relay to the DRLs, When the side lights go on, the relay is energised, opening the contacts & turning the DRLs off. Cool.

Next to the DRL relay behind the dash will be the relay for the fuel pump. at the moment it's in a P-clip adjacent to the pump in the engine bay. A huge thick wire comes from battery live, through a 7 1/2 amp fuse to the relay & an energising wire comes from the ignition switch. I've found a couple of yards of red permanent live wire coming from the fuse box (cut off, no insulation on the end & the fuse still in), so I'll run that to a relay holder by the DRL relay, so the fuel pump relay will be "indoors" & the length of wiring to make the fuel pump work will be halved - & I'll have an off switch so I can put the ignition on for working on the car without being driven mad by the ticking of the pump. I have a third relay holder to go on which I'll use for the headlamp flap motor relay, but that looks like a significant wiring job, so that'll wait a while. I'd like to move that indoors too because I've already had to stop & waggle the relay to get the flaps down & I've only driven it at night once.

Also on the list of wiring coming off the car are two wires coming from the radiator fan, all round the engine bay, into the car & to a switch TYRAPPED to the bottom of the dash (wires all dangling under the lower edge). Why folk do this is beyond me. I can't imagine any situation where I'm going to be better at switching on the rad fan than an automatic system that's got nothing better to do than watch the engine temperature & put the fan on if it gets a little toasty. Maybe if I was towing a caravan I would switch it on permanently, but a/ I'm not going to be doing that & b/ that's no better than the automatic system, it's just a comfort blanket.

I'd like to think I'm getting to the end of the wiring jobs & will soon be able to put the dash back in & get on with some of the other jobs. Something a little more "photo-worthy".

Oh & driving it would be nice too.

Fingers crossed.

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