Sunday, 16 August 2020


 Remember the clutch issues? The bite point was very close to the floor? I swapped the cable for a second one that came with the car & that was pretty much the same but also had a rubbery, juddery feel. This evening I took thr cable off again (taking it off is easy) & found that there was a slight "greasy" sticktion to it, I twisted it U shaped & flooded it with brake & clutch cleaner, dried it & it ran smoother - but I very much doubted that was th cause of the problem. When I tried to put it back on I relised that just poking the pedal end through the hole in the firewall could mean the cable went to the left, the right, or above the pedal - NOT THROUGH THE HOLE IN THE PEDAL LIKE IT'S SUPPOSED TO.


In my defence It is very close to impossible to see what's going on & I had to work all this out soley by feel. So having made a special tool to compress the clutch lever on the bell housing & armed with this new & vital information, I was able to get the cable back in & the pedal running smooooothly.


Still too damn close to the floor though.

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