Friday, 14 August 2020

Lighting Up Time

One ofthe things that had been on my mind since the Quantum arrived was the offside sidelight / indicator - it wobbled. Investigation led to a steel bracket on the back of the lamp with a large blob of filler on the other end NOT attached to the car, so I chipped the filler off & glassed the bracket back into place - in 33C - the resin really did not want to cure. I probably used too much catalyst, but anyway, cure it eventually did.

This is a view looking outwards & thanks to blogger on it's side, the bottom is to the right.

You can see the still attached bracket silhoutted & the cleaned GRP kind of below & left of it.



Today the Daytime Running Lights arrived. Not brash chrome things, but very bright LEDs in a simple black housing, the same as I fitted to the Fury. I made a hole in the mesh below the sidelight / indicator & screwed them on. At the moment they're wired into the fuel pump so come on with the ignition, but I'll need to get a normally closed relay & wire them into the side lights so they come on with ignition & go off with the lights.

They look quite good - in as much as they don't show up unless they are on.



The sticker?

Yes, a little reward to myself for getting through the last 18 months.

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