Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Better News

Better news on the job front today (after applying for a job).

Having taken the car off the axle stands yesterday, the first thing I did today was – jack it back up again.

After a bit of a struggle I got the gear selector back in place then reconnected the link bar & linkage. All the gears seemed to work, so now I just need the linkage polybushes from Outlaw & that should be as far as I can take the gear change.

After that & because I was in that area I fitted the console around the gearstick properly – with a new fabricated bracket at the front as well as the rather nasty one at the back & with proper riv-nuts too - I hate self-tappers, then I sort of tidied up & put the carpets back in the boot.

When the postman (other genders are available) came, he bought the clutch quadrant I need to sort the pedal out (hopefully). I did start to fit it after tea, but unlike the MkII Escort one the Fiesta "Haynes book of lies" is quite right when it says the pedal box has to come out (sigh), so that's left for another day.


  1. Good to see you have a new project! Drop me an email - email I have for you doesn't work. Chris C.

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    2. CHRIS! I sent you one to the Tx Engman accout & nothing came back, then to the work one & that bounced. E-mail should be the same ...firstname dot secondname161@gmail