Wednesday 21 September 2022

RogueRunners Wales '22 - Day 5

 The last day is always a bit sad. We took quite a while over breakfast in the slightly odd Bessemer Hotel, then those who’d parked at the back moved round to the front to all get ourselves organised. Some were heading straight home, others were following the route initially but heading off at convenient points.

Linda had already noticed that a waypoint on the “Head of the Valleys” road was on the wrong side of the dual carriageway, so that got corrected, but as we approached that road we were immediately mired in traffic at a roundabout. The first two cars got across & turned right, then just as I got out, the first two re-appeared & came round the roundabout to head straight on. The roadworks had confused the SatNavs – Oh how we laughed. 

Having sampled Wales’ newest road we retired to our natural habitat – the lanes & re-entered England. Somewhere towards Gloucester we were on another dual carriageway & I noticed the route was heading back on itself so deleted another errant waypoint, but one of our number ended up turning right instead of left, but his carer chased after him & bought him back to where we’d gathered for fuel & to say farewell to Linda. Around the M4 two others departed eventually I left the route to travel the A303 along which I’d started over a week before.

And there it was finished. Another road trip successfully undertaken. The routes worked well, no-one went home on a truck, no-one hit anything. So that’s a success in my book.

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