Saturday, 8 October 2016

Winter Upgrades

The car's now on a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) for some maintenance & upgrade action. There's a list of things to be done, the main task is de-rusting the chassis areas where the powder coat has peeled off, so the bonnet & side pods have to come off & the engine out.

While the engine's out I'll replace the iron Sierra bellhousing with an aluminium one:- It looks good, appears to be flat & the two mounting faces parallel. It has a pivot pin for the clutch fork, but no protection for the bearing face, so I replaced the pin with a 5mm bolt & added a washer for the fork arm to bear against. I have weighed it & from memory it's 5 1/2 kg. Also from memory the iron one is currently on the car is 11 1/2kg.

After all the starter problems, I also bought a geared starter from here:- as usual with me there's a saga. I contacted them asking which model I needed to replace an LRS707 (Sierra 1800 CVH), they said "have you got a Raceline or Westfield sump". "Westfield" said I "right you need our new model 501" & they posted me one. It was perfect except the spigot dia was 89mm (pinto / Crossflow) not 76mm dia (CVH). I e-mailed them & they sent a new one & took the 501 back - which is great service - but now he'd concentrated on the spigot dia & forgotten about the Westfield sump compatibility, so I have a little sump grinding to do before it fits properly, but even now it starts the engine, so I'm not concerned. Also the drain holes are at the bottom which they weren't on the 501.
Also on the "possible" list are improving the heat insulation round the exhaust, the Fury's had a lot more passengers lately so I aught to sort out their comfort. I'd like to "flat floor" the engine bay too, it'll keep dirt out & protect the engine bay, as well as improving the aerodynamics. Down sides are that it may make the engine bay hotter, but I have a plan for that.

More news as it breaks ..........

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