Saturday 15 October 2016

I HATE Powder coating

Today’s task was to look in the sump for any reason the car might be losing oil pressure under acceleration, with the sump & baffle plate off there was nothing obvious, except for some lumps of silicone sealant around the pick-up pipe. Would they account for it? They’re gone now so we’ll see.
From there I moved on to the accessory drive belt, I realised a while ago I don’t need one of the pulleys – it so happens the pulley I don’t need has loose bearings & whines, so I cut an old belt to the length I need & I’ll order a new shorter one.

Stupid site still shows portrait pictures in landscape,
 so you'll have to turn the screen round .........
.......... and yet this one gets turned when I didn't ask for it. Sheesh!
Then I started on the chassis – as expected, the powder coat comes off in sheets, except where it’s stuck like sh to a blanket (sigh). It does seem to be in worse condition on the passenger side, which is good because all the systems run down the driver’s side & would be a real pain to dismantle. If I had my time again, I wouldn't have the chassis powder coated. It's great if the surface preparation is done properly, but it's rubbish if it isn't. The presence of the "black oxide" on the steel under the powder coat says it wasn't sand blasted, so it was never going to stick well - or at all.


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