Saturday 29 October 2016

Out, Black Spot

Welllll, the chassis' all cleaned & the first coat of POR15 is on the front, so my hands look like I have a rare skin disease - black spots of various sizes.

Another coat of POR15 tomorrow, then the red hammerite, then CBS Wunderseal on the vulnerable bits & then some waxoyl & I can make the engine undertray, then the engine can go back in - if I can get the flywheel back from SRS Engineering (Sutton Rebore as was) - apparently the man that does re-drilling is off sick / suffered a bereavement & it'll be re-drilled for the Pinto clutch when he returns this week - we'll see.

But on the upside, the chassis will soon be rust free & red again.

This is a good thing.

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