Wednesday 19 October 2016


The Fury has no boot lid - this is well known. It has a space under the rear deck, it's about 6" deep, so a useable space, but access to it is between the seats, meaning the practical maximum size of anything you can get in the boot is about 5" sq. When I was building the car, I built a lidded box under the boot floor which serves as a small lockable storage area, but with Mrs Blatter spending more time in the car, better storage is required. I've been pondering this for some time, but I think I've now solved all the problems as well as giving myself some more problems & then solving them.

The first problem was the fuel filler cap which comes up through the rear deck, for that I'm hoping to mount the filler to the boot side wall, then cut a hole in the boot lid to fit over the filler cap.

Next, how to make it stiff enough when it's GRP, I have plans to make an aluminium frame to bond to the inside without using up all the volume.

Also, how to open the boot when the rack is on the car (which it will be if Mrs Blatter is coming along). Here I'll mount it with pins at one edge & latches opposite so it comes right off the car rather than hingeing open.

Lastly, how to stiffen the body when a large square is cut out. Cutting it as close to existing structure as I can will work for three of the sides, but the forth side is the important one as the soft top attaches to it, so I'm thinking of adding a wall at the front edge to tie down the soft top mountings.

Why do I do this to myself?

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