Thursday 27 October 2016

Happy Landing

Today’s jobette was to do a little more booting. I shaped some alloy extrusion to fit round the body contours to act as a door landing & stiffen the area behind the seats. See how the previously straight angle sweeps to follow the curves of the car - no it is not the lens distorting it, I curved it, because I'm clever.

It was a bit of a git to get it right & I’m not convinced the fwd corners of the boot lid will sit down properly, but time will tell.

 At the front an aluminium bulkhead will run betwixt the vertical flange of the angle & the boot floor & at the back a carpet panel will hide the wiring to the rear fog, reversing & No. plate lights.

When the bootlid is sorted, I need to cut out another panel in the boot floor for access to the top of the fuel tank, as dropping it out of the car is a pain.


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