Friday 14 October 2016

A Little Progress

This afternoon I hoisted the engine out of its cradle & fitted the bell housing again. That allowed me to fit the new geared starter & "re-profile" the sump so the starter now fits properly, thankfully I didn't grind through to the oily side. I did wonder if the old ones were mis-aligned due to hitting the sump & was that the cause of all the "CLUNK" trouble, but no, they bolt up square.

Then I made a proper lifting sling for the engine - I say "proper" - it's an old lap-strap from an unloved seat belt I found in a drawer. I also drained the sump - which with a little luck will get removed tomorrow to see if I can improve the baffling. At North Weald the oil light was coming on under hard acceleration, the oil pick up is right at the front, so under acceleration the oil runs to the back. Its not as serious as might be though, the oil light is triggered by a 25lb/in switch, not the usual 5lb/in one.

No photos as it was all pretty dull.

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