Thursday 9 September 2021

Small Progress


The car is stripped & the radiator is with Ashby Welding of Church Crookham to repair, while the front has been empty I've done a few jobs making wire routing more sensible & today I've mended the bonnet latch.

Yes, the bonnet.

I had to mend the boot latch a couple of weeks ago after it separated completely & on Sunday I noticed the ugly block of wood (wood!) the latch was screwed into had split - see the black line where the screw is? 

It turned out that what appeared to be a block of wood, was in fact two blocks of wood held together with only one screw. 

So I removed the screwed on bit & briefly considered going HotRod (the car version of "going commando"), but it would need a central supercharger for the full effect so decided to be sensible about it, found some scrap aluminium sheet & made something with the same geometry as the split wooden block, but made from nice folded metal - with a couple of lightening holes obviously.

It actually closes much nicer than before, resting on the stops & then just going "click" as the latch engages with a gentle push.

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