Tuesday 3 May 2011


With the SKCC forum quiet on account of thirteen of the main members being on a road trip "oop narth", I hitched the caravan filled with beer to the Rickman & pointed it at the M40. The journey took a little longer than anticipated, but fortunately I arrived before the thirsty, not to mention ravening hoards.

Burgers were eaten & beer drunk in copious quantities. Some disparaging remarks were made about the quality of the accommodation, but I was fine in the caravan. The following day the gales subsided, the sun came out again & I toured the show - much the same as in previous years, with a few new & interesting bits, the club stands showing the usual range of "interesting - how long did it take to build that?" to "interesting - how did that get through an MoT?"

Here's the SKCC's northern expeditionary force, parked up for a well earned rest

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