Friday 20 May 2011

Gearbox (sigh)

Early home from work & straight out to the garage, 1hr 45mins later the gearbox with the reluctant fifth gear was lying on the drive next to the car, I should be able to take it in for exchange next week.

In other news I should be out in the car tomorrow as a short notice blat came up in conversation with David of I've known him since 2003, but only met him twice - that's the power of the internet for you. Anyway, for the first time the two yellow Fury's should be running together - which is nice.

In other other news, Mrs Blatter has bought a new car - a red Focus CC - it's her I DON'T NEED A PEOPLE CARRIER ANY MORE car, as a result, the Flying Fridge will (hopefully) be moving on to a new home in Yorkshire once it's gearbox ills are sorted & I'll use the Zafira for every day transport

Things are a "little fraught" in the Blatter household at present - GCSE time dontchaknow. A simple greeting such as "had a good day" is likely to get one's head bitten off.

Back to the route planning................

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