Monday 30 May 2011


Well, I was up with the lark this morning, on the road by 06:30 in a kit car. Blatting? Hardly - I was delivering my Rickman of 14 years ("the Flying Fridge") to it's new owner. Yes the Ranger 16v GTi has gone to Yorkshire. After all the gearbox hassles, I got it all re-assembled & loaded with spares & bits & bobs. Naturally it did the trip superbly, doing something in the region of 40MPG from my very rough calculations.

Care to hazard a guess as to the cost of a single train fare Doncaster back to Guildford?


It would have been cheaper to pay someone's petrol to come & pick me up! At least I would've got a seat!
It's not as if it was any quicker, it took just under four hours to drive there, four hours to get back - not including the car journeys at either end.

Anyway, yes I'm missing it, even the neighbours are saying they're missing it, though I suspect they will realise the benefits when I fire up the (much quieter) Zafira in the early early morn to go to work. Back to being a single kit car family (sigh).

On a more positive note I should get the new close ratio gearbox & four-pot brakes this week.

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