Monday 23 May 2011

A Morning with Craig David

OK, a morning with Craig AND David. Having discussed with David (owner of the Mango Fury) the possibility of a blat, a posting on the SKCC forum entitled “Too Fast, Two Fury……..s” enticed another couple of members not heading for the kit car show at Detling, unfortunately one dropped out, leaving myself & the aforementioned Craig & David.
Gathering at the total Garage at fleet in the early early morning, we headed off at a brisk pace for a tour-de-Surrey. It was a bright morning & the travelling was good, but an abundance of traffic on the later stages limited our fun. We breakfasted at “Loomies” a fine roadside establishment oft frequented by the SKCC, at first we thought it was closed as there was a lorry parked across the entrance & our stomachs cried out in anguish, however we were not to go hungry, the lorry was delivering a Triumph advertising crew who would accost bikers as they went about their feeding rituals during the day.
While we feasted, a chap approached & requested tools. The throttle cable on his MGB had broken (presumably with the strain of trying to get it over 50mph), he had wisely bought a spare, so it was mended in a trice. While he had his head under the bonnet, he said to the chef (who had wandered out) “big meet today?” which I thought was rather a personal question until I realised he'd said “meet” and not “meat”.
Anyway, after rescuing the Morris-Oxford-disguised-as-a-sports-car (can you tell I’m not a fan of the MGB?) we headed off, only to find most of the white vans in the south east – one at a time - generally in front of us. On the homeward leg we were rumbling along behind a Volvo off-roader thing when the road went dual – so the Volvo pulls into the overtaking lane & stayed there. Mr Mango showed remarkable restraint in not undertaking it but I noticed as we arrived at that other Mecca of things mechanical & full-English like – Newlands Corner – that the local Police chopper  flew low over head, had it been following us?  My suspicions were further roused when within two minutes of us arriving a patrol car pulled in & cruised round the Three Must Blatteer's cars, "Oh cripes" I may have said under my breath, but in the best traditions of highway police, he was only interested in the cars.
This video Was put together by the SKCC for the Detling show & gets what it's all about across rather well.

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