Thursday 9 December 2021

Tin Bashing

OK, yesterday I said the cam belt cover was another ½ day’s work & today I’ve been on it pretty much all day BUT it is about finished & I’m quite pleased with it. I’m sure it would make my younger aircraft-fitter self weep & the riveting wouldn’t pass muster, but in my defence I didn’t really have any proper tooling, so it’s not bad. I was quite pleased with the Zed brackets that both hold the cover onto the engine and hold the front panel onto the side / top / other side.

Here you see it before final assembly held together with jig pins.  

The other thing is, it’s supposed to look old (it will look older when the brushed finish dulls down a bit) so when I found some aluminium sheet the right size with a few dents & scores in it I thought “that’ll do”, but now of course it looks like I dented it while making it – not so good.

I’ve also put a coat of orange on the cam wheels so they show up in the holes & painted over the remains of the red on the cam box with orange – not sure about that yet, I’ll see how it looks tomorrow.

There is also a question mark over whether it'll fit under the bonnet - it should do, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it,

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