Wednesday 15 December 2021

Front Suspension


I've not been out to the garage for a day or two, I've been sorting some paperwork & dealing with the everyday stuff that gets in the way of hobbies. Today I put up new curtains in the Front room & in the Dining room, I took down a thin curtain pole that had a "string curtain" fly screen, put up a new curtain pole for - curtains, then re-bent the brackets for the thin pole & attached them to the brackets for the new curtain pole, so I have curtains for the first time, but inside them I still have the fly screen for the summer - I am that cunning.

But you haven't come here to read about my DIY.

With the engine bay stripped of just about everything, my attention has turned to de-rusting & paint, first thing in the barrel was the near side lower wishbone, it came off the car easily enough & I set to with a rotary wire brush & eventually all - or at least enough - of the blue paint was off it, then a wash with POR15 de-greaser, a dry off in the oven......... 
........ & it got etch primed & a coat of satin black. The rose joint & bushes seem fine, so it'll go back on once the paint on the chassis is finished.

The upright is stripped & cleaned ready for de-grease & paint, the brake calipers are off the car & cleaned ready to go back on with new hoses, but I need to visit Margnor to get a set of shorter bolts as they'll be going back on with Capri 2.8i discs, so won't need the spacers.

Last on the list for today was the near side rocker, I was very pleased to find it has the roller bearing set already fitted, so it's just got dismantled, cleaned, the paint removed & it'll get painted next time I'm in the garage.

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