Tuesday 25 May 2021

Rogue Runners '21 - Day 3 - Supplemental

 I mentioned that a friend had helped in selecting the hotel & that I'd invited her to tea as an honerary Rogue for the evening - there's more.

After the meal, I went up to my room, I got ready for bed, I picked up the phone from the table to place it at my bed side & heard a ringing tone.

I then realised a number of things in an escalating "horror ramp".

1/  the phone was still set to the friend's whatsApp account because she'd messaged me on arrival.

2/ I had inadertantly selected a video call as I picked it up.

3 I was stark bollock naked.

4 my friend is also my ex-wife & the mother of my son.

5 as I'd never made a video call before I had no idea how to cancel it.

Eventually I managed to turn off the phone before she answered it & was understandably outraged, but pushing the button, having the "take a screen shot - turn off phone - re-start phone" menu come up, making a selection & having the phone respond seemed to take an inordinate amount of time.

But fortunatly - it did switch off before she answered & that's why I'm typing this from my hotel room & not a police cell.


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