Tuesday 18 May 2021

Getting There

 With the car running quite nicely I can drive it up on the ramps when I need it "up", so today I went under the back & faffed with the exhaust a little more, raising it by just enough to stop it catching on the ramp up to the garage. Not much of a job, but a little something that needed doing. I've done it by fitting a rubber mounted cross member under the floor which the exhaust is clamped to. It holds it nice & tight & the rubber mounts are a long way from the heat too. Everything is rather too marginal for my taste. The exhaust passes VERY close to the gear change, then just out of shot, the exhaust, two battery cables, two brake lines, two brake cables & two fuel lines all pass through a 6" cube of space at the back of what would be the transmission tunnel if this was a proper car.

I also arranged for it to be mapped, which is likely to cost £300 - £400 but should make for a drivable car. The downside is that because of the covid backlog, it can't be done until July 15th - two months away!

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