Friday 6 October 2017

Winter Upgrades Begin

With the car officially off the road for winter maintenance & upgrades it was time to start cutting metal. I took the throttle bodies off the car & fitted an alloy angle to the existing strip that holds the throttle bodies in a lump, this angle locates two old aircraft rod ends chosen because they are self aligning & can be adjusted for position. They support a length of 6mm studding which will be the main shaft, to this will be fitted the levers that will move the levers on the throttle bodies

Then cut, drilled & fitted an alloy channel across the end, fitted it with another bearing to support the shaft, next job is to make up the twin pulleys & the cunning return springs. When I have all the elements positioned, I'll cut away the metal that's not doing anything, making it look techie & loosing a lot of the weight.
So far so good.

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