Saturday 21 October 2017

The First Of The Links

This is at idle.
On the excuse that I was going to make up a part to stop the exhaust knocking on Mrs Blatter's car, I went out to the garage & removed the airbox from its’ backplate, then removed the back plate, with them safely separated I was able to trim parts of the backplate & airbox & seal up the hole where the air temp sensor goes as it was in the way of the linkage.

This is at Wide Open Throttle
I then dismantled the throttle bodies from each other, which was a bit daunting, but gave me space to work out the geometry for the levers. I made up a couple of prototype levers & attached one of the pushrods. After messing about a bit I was able to make something that fully opens & closes the butterfly from the cable pulley, but at fully open the lever passes through one of the mountings, so I’ve ordered some shorter turnbuckles which should sort the problem out, but so far it’s working, it’s smooth & it has the rising-rate mechanism I was looking for, so when the geometry is finalised, there’s every possibility it might work!

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