Sunday 8 October 2017


Today's stint in the garage revolved around (see what I did there?) fitting the pulley to the end of the shaft for the new throttle linkage. I cut away some of the alloy bracket so the pulley could rotate, then when I was happy with that, I trial fitted it on the car.

AH! The pulley fouled the alternator in a serious way. The options were to move the alternator (no good as the alternator pulley needs to be where it is for other reasons). Dramatically reduce the size of the throttle pulley (not ideal as gearing it up was part of the reason for doing this in the first place). Rotating the pulley by 90 deg on the shaft (it'd work, but the cables would come in from above, possibly fouling the bonnet). Or move the shaft outboard so the pulley centre moves away from the alternator - which is what I decided to do.

Having done it, the pulley just clears, but a little filing will give a practical gap.

The next thing is to make up the levers that will operate the throttle bodies, then I can get all the geometry finalised.

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