Sunday 22 October 2017

Cable Man

After a day in the garage making small metallic bits & bobs, (which is one of my favourite ways to spend a day) the No.1 throttle body is now worked by the cable. I’ve made up all the “master” levers & all the “slave” levers, some of them had to be cranked to gain enough space for the turnbuckles, but I've left a load of metal on them as I don’t know where I’ll want the hole until the new turnbuckles arrive – probably Weds.

So at the moment they look like flags & hit all sorts of bits of throttle body as they travel, but once I have the hole location, I'll be cutting all the excess off.

Also on todays list was the cable hanger, which is riveted to the extrusion which is bolted to No. 1 throttle body. At the moment it's hanging out in space, but when it's all finished the airbox will sit behind it in this photo taking away some of the visual impact (which is good).

Cable relaxed
I need to order another two cable inners as the ones I have are less than straight & frayed, I also need another bracket riveted to the airbox to support the cable outers & then I can go for the start & see if all this cunningness has paid off.

Cable pulled - butterfly open

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