Tuesday 14 March 2017

More Latching

Yesterday I had a shocking day, felt absolutely lousy, but I did do some inspired engineering.

I was looking at how to trigger the boot latch & found an old bowden cable outer, presumably left over from the Sierra & a gear change cable from one of the bikes. I made up a small bracket to hold a cable adjuster from a mountain bike brake lever & riveted it onto the rear aluminium edge member where the latch is, then cut a slot in said edge member for the cable to pass through. The cable will run round the back of the boot under the carpet that's not there yet & round to the boot front bulkhead. But I still needed a pull handle, but as ever eBay was my friend & offered up a 1970's Shimano road bike gear shift lever for a few £, so that's on it's way.

Today I looked at the route & how to get the cable through the boot front bulkhead. I looked at the adjuster I'd used at the latch end & wondered if I had another one in my bike spares box. Of course I did (there are advantages to never throwing old tut away). I took the adjusting nut off, reversed it & after drilling a suitable hole, bolted it in as a fairlead through the alloy panel. I also took the Fury to Bordon for work & found when I got home that the front wheel nuts weren’t tight. Eeek!

There will be photos of all this when the lever arrives & gets fitted.

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