Thursday 2 March 2017

Back On The Road Again

Well well well, it's past the 1st of March & the Fury's BACK.

Last weekend I re-fitted the off side pod, fitted the belly pan panels & tidied up the space where the boot lid will go, today, I took it into work for the first time. The boot tidying involved not just removing a load of hand tools, rags & swarf, but also making a couple of retainer pins & an angle to hold them, trimming & fitting a bulkhead to separate the boot from the cockpit - with two grometted holes for the afore-mentioned pins, then clamping the angle to the car, laying on blobs of sikaflex, then putting the boot lid in position & weighting it down.

By the morning, the angle was glued in position - I'll need to glass it on properly, but it's in the place it needs to be. Today I've drawn up a rather neat little bracket which will both hold the rear landing in place & mount the boot latch. It'll be a while before this gets made, but it shouldn't be long before this last of the winter mods is complete.

On the way home the car was popping & "sneezing", a quick look at the hoses that block off air bleeds in the throttle bodies showed one had popped off - again. They are silicone hose which isn't fuel proof, so I suspect they are slowly turning to jelly.

I used the carb balancer to balance the throttle bodies, then went indoors & ordered some small bore fuel hose & some spring clips, which should resolve the problem with the silicone permanently. Other than that it was excellent. No problems with the new clutch, the now fully enclosed engine didn't overheat, nothing rattled more than it did before, so I'm quite pleased.

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