Saturday 18 March 2017

A Little Leverage ........

That's pronounced Leeeeeverage - because I'm English.

As promised the Shimano gear lever arrived.

So I built it up into an assembly with a couple of PTFE washers so it turns smoothly & can be attached to the car.

Then today I attached it behind the driver's seat

With the cable inner fitted it releases the latch perfectly, so after re-latching & un-latching that a few times (OK, quite a lot of times) I turned my attention to the other side of the latch - the boot lid.

A large aluminium extruded angle had arrived in the post, so it got cut to length to fit between the boot landings, & clamped at each end, I marked a hole to line up with the latch & drilled it for an M8 bolt, so with the hole drilled & a bolt fitted I could latch what will become the rear stiffener of the boot lid. Now I need to shape (lighten) it& find a way of fixing it in place so I can attach the lid skin without any fasteners passing through to the outside. Hmmmm

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