Monday 20 March 2017

Latching Good

This weekend I made up the latch-beam for the boot lid, measured all the edge distances & sikaflexed it in place, just at the ends in case I needed to take it apart again. Then, this evening I took the clamps off, flipped it over & adjusted the latch pin AND IT WORKS!

At the moment the front corners stick up & the centre of the back does too, but both the beams are only attached with PU sealant, so it needs them bonding on rigidly with GRP & a proper adjusting, but engaging the pins & leaning on the centre of the panel gets a satisfying "click" & on releasing the latch the rear edge of the boot jumps open 1/2", which is very pleasing (it's a bloke thing).

So the Fury now has a proper opening boot lid with no visible fasteners 😊

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