Friday, 10 March 2017

Boot Latch

Yes, boot latch, not for the Fury a pattern of Dzus fasteners, or bonnet pins pressed into service, it will (I hope) have a proper cable operated boot latch.

I bought one from a Ford Puma a while ago & have been modifying it, first to remove the fore / aft cable & levers, then to fit a new release method. At the moment the rear boot landing is a shaped aluminium angle extrusion, bonded on with sikaflex, it works, but it needs a mechanical fastening, so I drew up a bracket that would both hold the latch in place & properly fix the rear landing to the car. This afternoon I've drilled the car to take the bracket (just jig-pinned on at the moment) & bolted the latch on to it. It's all looking pretty tidy at the moment.

Yes, it needs some trim or possibly carpet to hide the wiring & GRP.

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