Tuesday 7 October 2014


I've always been a bit suspicious of the fuel return line on the Fury, it carries excess fuel from the fuel rail back to the tank, so there should be no pressure in it right? But when I turn on the fuel pump the return hose "jumps" so it has pressure in it. This might not be important at all, but my train of thought went .......... When the engine's racing, a lot of fuel is being used from the fuel rail, so not much is being sent down the return line. Conversely when it's idling very little is being used, so quite a lot is returned. If there's pressure in the return line, the regulator may not be able to dump enough pressure at idle & the fuel rail may be running over-pressure.

 So today I ran a new 8mm return line through the tunnel. It looked as if it would be a real git to do as the bends were complex, with no access to get the pipe bender in & if it was bent on the bench it would be impossible to thread the finished pipe through the chassis. After contemplating this for a long time I realised that the existing pressure pipe went more or less where I wanted & had a break in the tunnel, so it was easier to make the rear section of that pipe into the return line & make a new pressure pipe, so that’s what I did, then took off the tunnel side panel, ran the pipe right to the front, re-attached the tunnel side (I need to get some more bolts as the heads of some are worn & the alan key slips). I still need to connect up both ends, but that should be easy.

I also painted the rear upright (red - because I'd run out of yellow) & then re-assembled the wishbones, shock, hub & driveshaft. At the moment the bolts are all loose because of course they're only tightened with the weight on the wheels.

Still to do on this side:-
Reassemble the brakes.
Waxoyl the rear upright.
Fit the wheel.
Put the car back on the ground.
Tighten all the wishbone bolts

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