Thursday 2 October 2014

No Further Injuries

Yes! I have no more injuries to report.

I have been under the car & given the nearside rear of the chassis a coat of POR-15, which is a sort of rust-killing glaze, a coat of red Hammerite, & later today I'll get under it again & coat some areas vulnerable to stone chips a coat of "wunderseal" from Car Builder Solutions. Then tomorrow I'll splash some Waxoyl around in a last ditch effort to keep water out of hidden corners. The Fury's pretty good & there are no obvious water traps, but I'll do it anyway.

I've also ordered a couple of oil seals for the drive shafts - the nearside one was weeping - & some ethanol-proof fuel hose & copper pipe to re-make the fuel return line as I think the current one is too small at 5mm & may be raising the fuel pressure at idle.

Just to show I've been virtuous, I've ALSO re-painted the main bedroom & shower room ceilings!

No photos again today, maybe when I start rebuilding.

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