Wednesday 8 October 2014

Belt Up

Not much on the car today, I was supposed to be putting up a fence out the back, but I was having a fumble day. Every time I turned round I knocked something off a shelf, whenever I put something down it rolled off the bench & when I tried to walk I tripped over some unseen object. I eventually got the new rear gate hung. I'll do the fencing tomorrow (touché).

But while waiting for a shower to pass, I drove over to West Byfleet to pick up my modified lap straps from F.D.T.S. They'd been changed from "pull down to tighten" to "pull up to tighten", reason being, I could never get them tight enough as my hand hit something on the inside of the car first. The nice people there made me a prototype belt which I fitted, measured & sent the details in, & they fit perfectly, with the adjuster about an inch above the side of the seat.

Nice when you find a small local firm that does what you want in the way you want it done.

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