Thursday 2 October 2014

A Little More

Not much to report, I received the 1/2 shaft seals from Burton's - excellent service, I only ordered them Sunday eve on the cheapest postage & they arrived Tuesday morning. So I tapped one of them in & applied some Wunderseal on the chassis areas most vulnerable to stone-chips.

I also too the harness lap-straps into Sue at FDTS Seatbelts who were recommended by Willans. I want the lap-straps changed from "pull down" to "pull up" to make them easier (OK, possible) to adjust I thought this would be a simple thing, but Sue pointed out a few problems with my plan & even sent me home with a mock up she'd made on the spot to test & measure (which I've done). They should be ready to pick up next week.

One by one the car's irritations are ironed out.

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