Sunday 31 March 2013

Imposing Pouch

Not that imposing - barely noticeable in fact, but I'll get to that later.

It's been a funny old week in BlatterLand. Last week Mrs Blatter was to be interviewed for a new job (Mon 09:00), on the Friday at about 10:00 she received an e-mail saying she needed to bring a presentation with her - bearing in mind she doesn't work Fridays it was just as well she had her work mobile on. So together we spent all weekend, her coming up with ideas, me creating a powerpoint par excellence, teaching her how to drive it etc.

Come the Monday the interview panel announce that this will be a "competency based interview" (say the right word, get a point type) then with hardly a "how do you do" demand to see the presentation, THEN 1/2 way through they say "only 2 minutes left so finish off please". To be honest we might as well've put the Lord's Prayer on the presentation, all they wanted to know was that you would do something in your own time & what happened if they rushed you. Which would be fine & appropriate if she was going for a job as a chief constable, but perhaps less so as she had applied for the role of senior teacher. Anyway, she was well & truly rattled by this stage & it all went horribly wrong. Then I had a few gloomy days - which certainly didn't help - lots of rows with the offspring & sitting in darkened rooms - not good Added to which the washing machine went bang on Good Friday, the replacement cost meaning I would most definatly NOT be blatting in Kend on Easter Sunday.

But by the Easter Saturday the storm was lifting & I took the Fury to Epsom Downs to see the guy who will be navigating on the Rallye Des Jonquilles in a couple of weeks. I've known him since school & he is good at keeping in touch with folk. So more strangeness ensued as I was regaled with a time lapse picture of what had happened to my school chums since last I saw them. Relationships breaking down, house fires, prosecutions, all human life was there.

But you haven't come here to read about my woes, you want to know about the car. Well On Friday I bonded the old cold air intake onto the new bonnet & rough-cut the hole in the bonnet. This whole process turned a little farcical when the GRP resin refused to go off. Waving a hot-air paint stripper at it helped, but in the end I added more catalyst to the left over resin, painted that over the top & then heated that up. In the end it all went rather well, I added pigment to the left-over resin then gooped it in the gaps twixt bonnet & intake, squirted it with heat & it solidified straight away. I was going great guns - until the brush went stiff.

Saturday I took the car to see the Navigator as noted above, then opened out the intake hole & smoothed the sides off & polished them. It's got a way to go yet, but it doesn't look 1/2 bad. Then today I made the pouch I may have mentioned at the top.

 The reason? The car has two sets of side screens. A pair of full size windows that mate (OK approximate) to the soft top, & a pair of interchangeable deflectors which are on the doors 9/10 on the time. Up to now the full size screens either live in the garage, or poked down either side of the passenger seat - fine as long as there's no passenger. As luck would have it I found a large piece of leather-cloth in the loft, bought for re-trimming the Ranger, never used. So I cut out the shapes - in proper Blue-Peter style glued the edges, fitted press studs to both hold the two pockets together & also act as "chicken rivets" (long story) & a couple of "Lift-The-Dot" fasteners along the open edge.
This confection in grey vinyl sits in the "boot" with the angled section fitting nicely around the fuel filler. The posts for the "Lift-The-Dots" are bolted to the boot floor, so they both keep the pouch closed & stop it sliding about. Am I good at this stuff or what?

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