Thursday 14 March 2013


Not sure why it took a WEEK for the hose I ordered to arrive, but I suspect that as I needed a 45 degree reducing hose, 38>35mm it maybe had to be made specially? Well it's here now, fitted & the Fury's been run. I took it round the bloke on a data-logging run after the nice man at OMEX sent me a new map. It felt smoother, too soon to be sure yet, I'll need to take it out for a proper run. The newly modded & lightweight cooling system worked though, but there's probably some air needs to come out. Anyway, chuffed as ninepence as my Mum used to say - I think it was a positive thing when she said it.

So that's another two irritations sorted (hopefully) if the ground stays dry for a while, there's some things to do underneath & I've just ordered a Suzuki brake light switch & spent the day (the week if truth-be-told) drawing up a mod to the pedal arrangements which should improve the brake feel, stop the MoT man complaining about the bulkhead moving under pedal pressure next year & be the proper final solution for the brake lights (sigh). Also on the agenda for when it's dry AND above freezing, is a little GRP work on the bonnet. The new one is a little flared along the bottom edge & needs the NACA intake from the old one fitting.

I'm wittering now, so I shall stop.

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