Friday 1 March 2013

A REAL Sharp Intake

So much better than the virtual intake reported in the previous post.

I had the day reserved for the Fury as it's MoT was at 8:30 & you never know what they'll find.

That bracket is not as close to the alternator cable in real life!
 After the MoT I set to. I'd bought new throttle cables (OK, bike rear brake cables) as OMEX had suggested there may be a problem with the throttles shutting completely, so that was job 1. when I originally fitted the throttle bodies I'd used bike brake cables & cable outers, using a trick I'd used on the Rickman Zetec, i.e. use rear brake "noodles" to turn the cable through 90deg. now I thought I'd try without, so made up a new cable stop more in line with the pulley, arranged a nice natural run & made up a bracket to mount the cable guide near the throttle pedal end, so the guide was more in line with the stops at that end.

With that sorted I made up the alloy bracket to support the intake duct, fitting it to the duct with riv-nuts & bolts - so even if the bolts come adrift altogether, there'll be nothing loose in the duct to get drawn into the engine. After that it was a simple matter of cutting the hose to length & fitting it all together.
I'm quite pleased with the overall effect, much better than the aluminiumised paper trunking that was there before, but is is heavier, which is unfortunate. but on the up-side it doesn't have holes & dents in it.

In the last pic, you can see the bracket holding the duct to a redundant part of the throttle stop & the new cable guide bracket.

It may have been simpler to cut the top off the cable stop bracket & leave the aluminium duct supported by the hoses at each end, but the triangular black shaft directly under it is the steering column, so I wanted it to be self-supporting. I then took the car out. The throttle was a revelation! When the man-from-OMEX suggested there might be a problem I took off one of the cables, now with the twin system back in place, but with super-slippery PTFE lined cable outer & Teflon (OK, I know that's just PTFE as well) coated cables, the difference in the throttle was astonishing, SO much lighter.
Meanwhile, back at the MoT, as usual the MoT man had failed to get the Fury to engage a gear. Can't explain this but it's the same every year. So he stopped the engine to see if that helped. Then it refused to start again. Battery flat! I have my suspicions about the battery charger, the new alternator seems to be providing 14v. Anyway we started it on a jump pack so that was fine & it passed with flying colours.

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