Tuesday 5 March 2013

A Little Progress

I took the Fury into work yesterday. The journey there was fairly typical - only colder, the throttle response around idle being best described as "not good" (I'm writing this before the watershed). During lunch time I faffed with the cables a little more trying to make absolutely sure the throttles were closing - they appeared to be, but because the pedal is now so much lighter I shortened the return spring I'd added to the linkage, thus stiffening it by about 50%.

At first the journey home felt much better, the pedal weight was about right, it was idling properly - then it got up to running temperature & it messed about again. When I got home I gave it a really hard stare, then adjusted the throttle stop down to 900 RPM. This made a world of difference on a short test drive. So I'm thinking maybe it's mostly mended. I haven't tried it from cold yet to see if it'll idle nicely, or just cough & die. That'll be this afternoon's effort, along with another cable guide bracket.

Yes - another one. The one I have attached to the airbox isn't good, it moves with the engine, so I need to make up one that's fixed to the chassis.

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