Wednesday 27 February 2013

A Sharp Intake

When the Zetec first went into the Fury I made up an air intake with a carbon bodied filter & the alumuinumised hose that came with it. A year later it's all sorts of bent & going into holes in one or two places, so before something unfortunate happens, time for a change.

I bought a silicon 90deg bend in enormous 73mm dia & a length of aluminium tube, but there is a rel danger that if left to it's own devices the new duct will bang on the throttle cable bracket & be damaged like the old one. So, having little to do at work, I drew the bend & the tube on the computer & drew up a bracket to attach it to the throttle cable bracket. I then added the airbox & the filter I'd drawn previously making this:-

Then, feeling all ambitious, I added it to the chassis model, positioned more-or-less accurately. Looks pretty good I think. Hopefully it'll work just as well on the car. I might have to use orange super-flexible hose to mate the tube to the airbox to stop the engine's vibration being transmitted into the throttle cable bracket, but I'll see how it goes.

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