Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mmmmmm - Sticky

After last weeks HollyBlatt where the Fury had Toyo 888s on the front wheels & the old Yokohama C-series' on the back (accounting the lurid wheelspinning in the video - that's my excuse anyway) I have now had the other two 888s fitted.

For those that don't know, 888s & the like are sometimes known as "trackday tyres" or "semi slicks" you can have them on any car, but on a tintop they would wear out extremely quickly because of the weight, on a kit car weighing just over 1/2 tonne they are a more practical proposition. They are actually sticky to the touch! I asked the local garage to fit them, they are kit-car friendly & there's no other garage I'd trust to MoT my cars & service my wife's. So I've re-fitted the wheels - let 1/2 the pressure out of the tyres (they were pumped to 35psi, I need 18) & in a when my wife goes out I shall head out for a test run.

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