Friday 12 April 2013

What A Week That Was

Started on a positive note - preping the Fury for the Rallye Des Jonquilles blatt. There were a few minor things to do, starting with a wash & polish, then a new near side engine mount to replace the one I designed & made. The design bit was good, but my welding sort of wasn't. It's fine, but I could see rust marks along the welds so the water was getting in & I needed to change it.

Well - what fun! Bear in mind dear reader, that the side of the engine I was working on has a fully dimensioned Ford drawing available on the internet - so why didn't the engine mount fit? The hole pattern was wrong, it hit the water pump, & when I did finally get it in place, the engine was too high & hit the bonnet (sigh). It's sorted now, but it was something of a game to do it.

I then made & fitted a bracket for the second satnav - the one Trevor (navigtor) will have as a tripmaster thingy, along with a power supply for it, did some more tiddivating, fitted the luggage rack & the Fury was ready.

Then Trev-the-nav e-mailed to say he had a chest infection & may not be well enough to go.

This was a disaster, without him paying 1/2 the cost, I had to either pull out of this, or the five day SKCC Road Trip as I couldn't afford pay all the costs for both. Anyway just this afternoon, I called him & he is recovered. So at 06:30 tomorrow morning I shall be heading off to pick him up before meeting some other SKCC-ers at Clackett Lane services & heading for France & Belgium.

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