Sunday 2 October 2011

And So It Begins........

........ today I started stripping the crossflow out of the Fury - I didn't get far, just disconnected some wiring, took off the alternator & drained the water & removed the top & bottom hoses.

It's unseasonably warm here in Surrey at the moment, but as soon as it cools down as it inevitably will, I'll remove the bonnet & side pods, pull the engine & get started in earnest.

STILL waiting for my ARP bolts & other stuff from Burton's - it's not their fault, DHL can't find a building at that building's post code. Burton's have called them, I've called them & e-mailed. Hopefully it should appear tomorrow, then I can prep the engine with the new bolts, the new sump, & the spigot bearing.

Wish me luck ........ I'm going in.

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