Wednesday 19 October 2011

Well, the credit card's taken another bashing, Monday's damage was £140 for the particular clutch release bearing I need, a fuel pump & a starter motor. This morning I've ordered an idler pulley. Have I mentioned last weekend's activity? The crossflow was ousted from it's position of dominance at the front of the Fury & a very nice man called Mark collected it the very next day, leaving me with an empty engine bay & a pile of £20 notes - hence the spending spree.
I would've liked to try the Zetec in for size, but I need the release bearing first, & anyway, the sun shone so I went out for a stroll & a nice lunch with my wife. I did manage to fit in some cleaning & got most of the accumulated crud off the chassis tubes, pipes & wires it has worked it's way into over the last three years.
One pleasing thing I discovered was that the crossflow weighed in at 110Kg, making the Zetec only 4Kg heavier & with all the other weight saving (mostly brakes & wheels) the car could well be below 580Kg with all fluids - which is light for a car-engined car with doors & a full windscreen. It's over 1/4tonne lighter than the "featherweight" Lotus Elise.
Light is good.

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