Friday 21 October 2011

The Zetec's In

Mmmmm BIG NEWS – The Zetec is indeed in.

In the end it was remarkably easy, just drop it in with the hoist & mate it to the gearbox, the wooden cradle I'd made to support it until I make up the engine mounts worked a treat, placing the engine in just the right place & there were no clearance problems at all.

This left me with plenty of time for messing about, so I fitted the exhaust properly, which meant cutting away the aluminium side plate, then I looked at the top & bottom hose routing, the bottom hose looks easy enough, but the top hose is awkward, but should be OK, then I made up a ply bracket for the new idler wheel it needs to keep the water pump rotating the right way, you can see it in the last photo, obviously I’ll re-make it in alloy in due course. But first I need to turn my attentions to the engine mountings.

Ah! a satisfying afternoon's playing.

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