Saturday, 22 October 2022

It LIVES (again)

Today I've put the dashboard back in with a little wire tidying, then turned my attention to the fuel system. I've already removed the swirl pot, the low pressure pump, three of the fuel filters (it had five when I bought it) & changed the wiring round so the feed to the high pressure pump goes to the back of the car. Today I sorted out the plumbing (mostly) & the wiring to the pump. I say "mostly" because I've ordered another fuel filter  - thinner & 100g lighter than the billet alloy "motorsport" filter on the car. This wasn't a weight saving plan, it was space saving, the existing pre-pump filter could only fit above the pump (making priming it difficult) or in front of the tank (making it very close to the moving axle). The one I've ordered will go in front of the tank with no danger of being knocked off.

Then I put some fuel in & with the system cobbled together, started the engine so I know the new slimmed down system works. It's simpler, draws less power, has less potential leaks & the car's a few kilos lighter.

I'll be tidying that plumbing up once the chassis is cleaned & painted.

And that Panhard rod's getting powder-coated black as well!

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