Monday 17 October 2022

Creaking - Gone!

Over the weekend I put a coat of satin black on the front hubs & took the dash out to see if I coule re-route the wiring for the high pressure fuel pump from the engine bay to the back of the car where the pump now lives. I could! And it was much much easier than I was expecting, so that's another two yards of wiring gone.

Today the grease seals arrived for the front hubs, so I took the freshly cleaned & painted hubs, fitted the bearings & seals, re-fitted the discs assembled them onto the spindles with the brake calipers adjusted it all up & marveled at how smooth & quiet the bearings were. Then I put the wheels on & dropped the car back onto it's suspension.

The thing I imediatley noticed was how easily the car now moves on it's suspension. I can bounce it up & down by pushing on the inboard end of the rocker arms like I could with the Fury & no creaking!

There must have been SO much sticktion in the old hard plastic bushes. So the front's done apart from tightening a few bolts & I can now lift the back & finish the fuel system. Hurrah!

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