Friday 4 February 2022


 ...sort of.

Since the initial start up I've received the last plumbing items to get the cooling system sorted & run it up to temperature. The battery light stays on, but the volt meter shows 13v. Haven't looked into that yet. Also the clutch doesn't work, but I think I've got to the bottom of that. A friend in the SKCC has the same slave cylinder (are we still allowed to call them that?) but has a 0.7" bore master cylinder, my master cylinder is 0.625" so will push less fluid, so less movement of the slave, so - possibly - insufficient movement of the clutch plate. I've ordered a 0.7" bore master along with a pair of springs to lower the front of the car a bit.

I did get the clutch working today & drove the car backward & forward about a foot, but to achieve that the pedal was adjusted to lean back so there was more travel before it hit the bulkhead, it's no good for the road, but it proves the system works.

I've also fitted the air filter today, so the induction system is finished. It was a foam sausage filter with a cold air hose running up to somewhere hear No. 1 cylinder trumpet(ish). It now has an airbox, fed with cold air from a filter in the nose next to the radiator.

Fingers crossed for taking it out of the garage & getting some fresh air next week.

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